Lollypotz - Chocolate Bouquets


We will deliver your bouquet to anywhere in Australia.

Delivery costs are per bouquet. Delivery charges will be reduced for large orders for delivery to the one location. We will discuss these charges at the time you place your order.

Delivery rates are as follows:-

ACT ACT & QUEANBEYAN (same day if ordered by 10 am) $15.00
NSW ALL AREAS NSW (24-72 business hours delivery time) $16.50
VIC ALL AREAS VIC (24-72 business hours delivery time) $18.50
SA    ALL AREAS SA (3-4 days business days delivery time) $20.00
WA ALL AREAS WA (6-10 business days delivery time) $27.50
NT NORTHERN TERRITORY (6-10 business days delivery time) $27.50
TAS  ALL AREAS TAS (6-10 business days delivery time $27.50
QLD ALL AREAS QUEENSLAND (48-72 business hours delivery time) $20.00

Please note:

We generally do not deliver on weekends, unless prior arrangements are made with our Call Centre. 

Please contact us for enquiries re weekend deliveries. 

For orders weighing over 25kgs, additional freight may be charged. 

If orders are received by 10 AM and are to be delivered into the Canberra area, delivery can be made same day.    If orders are required to be sent via a country courier, please contact us for Delivery dates.

Deliveries into Canberra are carried out by employed Lollypotz personnel.   Any parcels delivered outside of the Canberra region are sent via TNT EXPRESS.      Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee specific delivery times.

Once the parcel has left the office of Lollypotz and tracking is provided, Lollypotz is unable to guarantee the delivery time of that parcel.   Whilst every effort is made to deliver the parcel on the requested date, Lollypotz has no power/control or influence over external couriers.     Unfortunately at times, parcels may be delivered outside Customer's expected delivery timeframe, however the only control Lollypotz has is to ensure the parcel is dispatched in accordance with anticipated time frames for delivery.

Refunds WILL NOT provided for parcels that are delivered outside the Customer's allocated timeframe, provided the parcel was dispatched by Lollypotz with sufficient time for delivery.

If re-delivery is required due to no one being at home and authority to leave has not been provided or the bouquet cannot be left with anyone nearby, then it will be taken back to the office it was sent from.  A re-delivery fee made up of the cost to bring it back to our office as well as the additional fee for it to be delivered again will be charged.

Parcels which are damaged in transit, and returned to Lollypotz by the external courier prior to delivery to the Customer, will be refunded to the Customer.