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Lollypotz is in the business of helping you thank your clients!  At Lollypotz, we help you do a great job of making you look good to your Customers.  When you have sent gifts to your customers, did you ever think about  your corporate branding - in your corporate colours and logos?  At Lollypotz, we love coming up with designs to reflect your brand.  Please contact our team on 1300 565 597 to discuss how we can assist you in branding your corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifts Make a Great Impression

Buying corporate gifts for a client or employee can make a difference in a business relationship. Showing kindness usually helps to make others more loyal to you. You can find the ideal corporate gift to send at Lollypotz. You’ll be able to personalise the corporate gift basket with whatever colours and centrepieces that you want to make a lasting impression.

Designing a Corporate Gift Hamper

One of the great things about buying corporate gift hampers from Lollypotz is that you get to customise it to look exactly how you want. If you want to emblazon your company’s brand into the mind of a current or potential client, then you can have your company’s logo and name written on the ribbon of a corporate gift hamper. With corporate branded gifts, you can say thank you for your business and remember me the next time you need my product or service. Businesses of all types can use the corporate branded gift baskets to send out to their valued customers. You can choose whatever colours you want for the corporate branded hamper, such as your company colours.

Making Clients Remember Your Company

When you bring aboard a new client or want to impress a potential client, sending them corporate branded hampers can help to smooth things over. When a business takes the time to send corporate bouquets it will show the client that you are truly interested in doing business with them. Not only did you spend money on their corporate hamper, but you also went out of your way to have it personally designed and delivered. Bouquets from Lollypotz can come with wine, sparkling wine and/or chocolates. Lollypotz uses the delicious Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury chocolates to fill its corporate hampers. The chocolates in the bouquets are wrapped in colourful cellophane (which they can design based on your company colours).

Celebrating Your Best Employees

Another reason to use the bouquets and baskets sold at Lollypotz is to congratulate an employee who is doing a great job. Maybe your staff reached a milestone or brought on board a major client. Whatever the celebration is, you can show your gratitude by sending a special gift basket. You can even have gift baskets sent to an entire department. Make it a little party amongst co-workers, celebrating a big achievement that was done together. They’ll surely enjoy the corporate gifts filled with alcohol and chocolates.

Choosing the Centrepiece for Your Gift Basket

Once you have chosen the colours and designs you want for your bouquets, you will have to decide what centrepiece you want inside of it. You’ll be able to choose if you want to have an alcohol drink inside of the basket to go along with the cellophane wrapped chocolates that come with the bundle. You can also choose to have chocolates without any special alcohol.

If you’re looking to purchase a gift basket for your clients or employees, you can go to Lollypotz to find the best deals on corporate gift hampers.

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